In the whole event area, starting from SP 415, there will be one-way circulation. The access to the area will be allowed only for athletes’ and exhibitors ‘ vehicles. For visitors’ cars, buses and campers there will be a big car parking at the beginning of the road to TAv Piancardato.

There are different parking areas (see the maps) for all needs.
Athletes’ parking. Near the organizing center (at the Piancardato Country House) . Close to the parking area there are all the organizations’ structures, the exhibition area and the shuttles’ service.
Exhibitors’ parking : 100 meters before the Piancardato Country House .
Authorithies’ parking: Close to Piancardato Country House.
Visitors’ parking: Near the SP415, in front of the junction with Piancardato road. This park area is for buses and campers too.

From all parking areas depart or pass the shuttles that throughout the day, from 07:00 to 19:00, connect all the event’s areas and all the shooting ranges. The shuttles are free. In this way, anyone can easily move around the area without using own vehicle.
The athletes, who need to reach the shooting range to play their race, will have the right of way in going up on the shuttles.